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London Theatre Tickets for the Musical Phantom of the Opera

Based on Gaston Leroux's gothic novel, Andrew Lloyd Webber's romantic musical The Phantom of the Opera is a haunting story of seduction and despair.

The Phantom of the Opera is set in the Paris Opera House during the 19th century, where the facially disfigured Phantom haunts and terrorizes occupants.

The mysterious masked Phantom falls in love with the young and beautiful soprano Christine and whisks her away to his subterranean lair below the theatre to teach her to sing "like an angel".

Although she initially becomes entranced by him, she loves another: Raoul, a nobleman and patron of the Opera. She is faced with a stark choice: stay with the Phantom forever, or he will kill Raoul.

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Running Time
2 hours 30 minutes

Her Majesty's Theatre

Nearest Underground: Piccadilly Circus
Nearest Rail: Charing Cross
Bus Routes: 6, 12, 13, 15, 22, 38, 58, 88
Wheelchair Access: Yes


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The Phantom Phenomenon

The Phantom of the Opera celebrated is 25th anniversary in October 2011 with a special performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

The show first opened in 1986 starring Michael Crawford as the gruesomely deformed Phantom and Sarah Brightman as Christine Daaé.

The real indication of approval Phantom had was that it was pre-booked for a year, you couldn't buy a ticket, so it became an incredibly sought-after thing.

Over a quarter of a century later the creative team behind the show were asked why they thought Phantom of the Opera had been such a phenomenal success.

Choreographer, Gillian Lynne commented: “I think everybody wants and loves romance. This is a wonderful story and has been for many years. It's this beautiful little girl who has got a wonderful, elegant man as her boyfriend and she comes up against this weird, powerful, artistic man who is ugly. But as I'm always telling people, attraction is nothing to do with looks and this man has a marvellous charisma about him, so this little girl is torn, totally torn and people can relate to that, it's a universal problem that everybody has and so I think what with that and the fact that it's a wonderful romantic story and that Andrew Lloyd Webber happened to write it in the midst of his love for Sarah Brightman shall we say."

Charles Hart, the show’s lyricist remarked: "The success of the show is astonishing to everyone involved in it and even the people who were phenomenally successful already I think are still shaking their heads in disbelief." He believes collaboration was key to the success of Phantom of the Opera. “I think one element is that musical theatre as has often been repeated is highly collaborative and it's so important that everybody is on the same page and I think we were on the same page. We all had basically the same vision of what the piece would be like and so those misunderstandings and arguments that often dog musicals didn't particularly happen on this one."

This thought is echoed by choreographer, Gillian Lynne who had previously worked on musicals Cats and Aspects of Love, “in this we had to do the least rewriting and pulling around, the score says it all. I kept saying to myself why is this going so well when we were making it."

Cameron Mackintosh, the show’s producer believes the proliferation of air travel combined with word of mouth helped spread the reach of the show to all parts of the globe. "First of all I'm very proud to say that the great shows that I've been involved with and indeed Andrew has been involved with are some of the best musicals that have ever been written. But what has happened and I think it coincided with our resurgence and our getting together in the 80s is that's the first time that aeroplane travel around the world blossomed in a way that ordinary people could go to extraordinary places in a way that never happened before. I think as we all know word of mouth is the thing that propels all successful shows and I think that propelled Phantom of the Opera far and wide and the ability of people to see the original show on London or Broadway."

Video trailer

Official video trailer featuring cast members from 2009.